1998 Princess Diana Memorial Fund Program XRARE

1998 Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund Program Booklet. Paul Burrell at the time was the director of the Fund. 50 pages with numerous photos each one with a sponsor's name below. Sotheby's did an auction that night and Burrell donated a Halcyon Days enamel box that was given to him by Diana in 1997 and was the last of its kind that she personally commissioned.(see photo). First USA fund raiser approved by and for the foundation and it was in California. The Princess Ball was a huge society event attracting Hollywood celebrities and worldwide patrons such as Asprey's London, Calvin Klein, Virgin Atlantic and Goldie Hawn. Photo credits in back detail the photos of Diana with date and place. Softcovers and in very good, used condition. Interiors are clean. Please note that letters are part of the booklet and are fascimile signatures.

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