The King and DI

Description Howard Hodgson's biography of Princess Diana and Prince Charles is a refreshing approach to the urban myth of two of the most well known and revered public figures of the late twentieth and early twenty first century. Hodgson reveals how Prince Charles cared for Diana in her time of need and how family members support the suffering of their lovedvones. Hodgson writes with sensitivity, honesty and pathos. He shows how Prince Charles and his family are loving people that have sometimes beenvmisrepresentedvbyvthevworld'svmedia. Few of us can imagine the mental pressure that results in being destined to be King. Prince Charles is a heroic figure that cares about the world andvactsvinvpeople'svbestvinterests. Hodgson explores the mental frailty of Princess Diana and his view of her having Borderline Personality Disorder. Chipmunka Publishing supports Howard's book as we realise that many public figures have mental health issues and caring issues to deal with. Princess Diana as sufferer and Prince Charles as carer are no exception. About the author Howard Hodgson was born in Birmingham in 1950. Educated at private school in Switzerland and then Birmingham College, he joined the struggling family funeral directors and turned its fortunes around, to be named Entrepreneur of the Year 1987 by his peers. After the hugely successful flotation of the business, Howard retired to concentrate on writing and broadcasting, with a number of bestselling books, business documentaries, and having his freelance journalism published in various newspapers, including the Guardian and the Daily Mail. He has also worked as a motivational and after-dinner speaker. Howard met the Prince of Wales through voluntary work for the Prince's Trust, talking at length with him and other members of the Royal Family and the household. 716 pages!

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