Royal Embassador - Diana Biography and Photo Book

Illustrated biography of Diana, Princess of Wales published in 1993. Born into a wealthy but obscure aristocratic family, Diana came into sudden prominence when she married Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the British throne, in 1981. Her subsequent divorce in 1992 and her eventual death in an automobile accident in 1997 made hers one of the most publicized lives of modern time. Licata describes the various trials of the young Princess's life--her eating disorders, the breakup of her marriage, her bouts with depression--but concentrates on her public life as a spokeswoman for charitable and cultural organizations to which she devoted much of her efforts.
Examines the private life and public image of Diana Spencer, who captured the attention of the world when she married Britain's Prince Charles in 1981. Softcover 64 pages. Great and scarce collectible!

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