The Royal Jewels

The Royal Jewels

by Suzy Menkes

Oversize book with over 200 pages and exquisite color photos of many of the Jewels of the Royal Family!

"The jewels of the British royal family far outshine any other collection in the modern world, yet they are the least known part of the royal heritage. Only rarely are we allowed a brief glimpse of their infinite riches and variety. Suzy Menkes offers a lively and authoritative look at this outstanding collection and the people who have acquired and worn it, from Queen Victoria to Princess Diana. A newly discovered ledger reveals a sensuous and profligate side to the sober Queen Victoria of tradition. Both she and her daughter-in-law, Queen Alexandra, received their finest gems from Indian Maharajahs - the tributes of empire. Queen Mary's passion for jewellery was unsurpassed; undemonstrative by nature, she expressed herself emotionally through her mania for collecting. (The glittering cleavings of the Cullinan diamond are still called 'Granny's Chips' by the Queen.) Menkes also examines intriguing stories and anecdotes that have arisen over the years, revealing much new information. How did Queen Mary wrest the Cambridge emeralds from her dead brother's mistress? Why did she bargain with exiled Russian relatives for their Romanov treasures? Were Indian rubies and emeralds used as a 'gem mine' by later generations? What did the Duchess of Windsor 'get away with'? Were the 'Alexandra emeralds' snatched back from her in a plot masterminded by the royal family? Today, more than ever, jewels spell majesty. This gripping story, illustrated with sumptuous pictures, opens the lid on the Queen's velvet jewel cases. It is both a major historical account of royalstyle and a unique insight into the most private side of the royal family."

Normal wear to dustjacket and book. Overall a difficult book to find in good condition.

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