scan.jpgo you know how we got started........? 

Like other girls around the world, we started keeping pace with Diana in early 1980 when she first came on the scene and was spotted every so shyly with Prince Charles at Balmoral fishing on the River Dee in Scotland.  In 1980, every girl wanted to be like Princess Diana!

When she married in 1981, we got up early to watch the whole fairytale unfold at St. Paul's in London as we oohed and awed over that magical wedding dress!  As the years went on, we collected and collected until our drawers were bulging with photos, books, princess books, paper dolls, newspapers and magazines; so many princessy things.... there wasn't enough room to keep storing them!

So we filed them away, but secretly kept on collecting  On that tragic night in August 1997, we couldn't believe the news from Paris -- sitting with our Mother and family we just were overwhelmed at the news -- It couldn't be true!

The next morning when the news was confirmed by the BBC in London, we pulled out all our memorabilia and sadly realized there would be no more.  Diana was gone forever!

Heading off to London in October 1997, we scoured Northhamptonshire, Gloucestershire, Kensington & Chelsea and all places in between to find all we could on her!   After many subsequent trips later, we had amassed a huge amount of collectibles!  Collectibles that are out of print and that were sadly, one day only publications!

Hence, that is what we are offering to you today; all of which is the inspiration for this one-of-a-kind Princess Diana boutique.  You will not find anything else on the internet like us!

As we open in the year of the 10th anniversary of her death, we are pleased to have many scarce and rare items.  As they become more scarce and more valuable, we urge you to add to your collections today as there is no promise we will have them again.

We hope you enjoy the ambiance at the Princess Diana Book Boutique and will sign our guest book since we can all relate to that "princess" feeling!   We miss Diana terribly, and we hope that we have archived here the best of her fabulous, but brief life!

And one more thing............we haven't stopped collecting!